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New delivery schedule

In order to minimize our carbon footprint and ensure earlier arrival of your produce order, we have implemented some changes to the delivery schedule for your neighborhood. We are also trying to initiate the refunds of shorted items earlier (Hopefully, before the truck arrives,) so you can switch to "Plan B" if some of the item(s) cannot be fulfilled. Please review the new delivery schedule and choose only the available delivery date for your neighborhood. There is a link to the new delivery schedule, on top of the Menu Bar on the website.

There may be some more fine-tuning of the delivery schedule, as we receive feed-backs from you and other customers, and we have to evaluate your needs and preferences, as well.

As always, your feedback is monumentally important to our expediency and growth as a company.

I appreciate your continued support of our produce delivery project and Thank you for choosing for your Produce needs.

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