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Our Mission

     At, our mission is to help our local growers move their crop.  Unlike retailer, we don't get to choose what to sell and what not to sell.  We treat our growers like family and business partners.  As such, it is our job to help move and sell whatever crop is harvested off their land.  Often times, retailers only choose to sell "The Perfect Fruit," and not willing to selling other fruits that maybe under-sized or fruits that aren't "Rock-hard."  They like their fruit "Rock-hard" so they can built a mountain of a display to show.  Our growers don't grow their produce for display purposes.   Our growers don't necessarily groom their produce for shelf-life.  Rather, our growers choose to focus on flavor and texture, while adhering to best farming practices with minimum impact on the environment.  

     With "Big box" retailer only buying from giant corporate farms and other retailers only choosing "The Perfect Fruit," a lot of the crop from our partner/growers are wasted.  If they can't get their crop to market, our growers don't get pay.  If they can't get their crop to market, it is not even worth picking.  The "Farm Bills" in this country only benefit the corporate farmers who can afford to hire lobbyist to lobby Congress on their behalf.  Meanwhile, small family farmers are getting squeezed from every angle.

     In short, our mission is to start a conversation, and embark on our collective efforts to curbing food waste.  By joining our local produce cooperative, you can do your part, to reduce food waste by choosing to support farm-fresh produce from small family farms.  Its cheaper for your pocket books, and you are helping to keep small family farms in business.  While we cannot entirely eliminate food waste, we are shouldering an important part in this endeavor.  That is something we can all be proud of, as a community.

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