Customer Service

If you have any questions regarding your order, discrepencies, or produce availability, please Text Charlie at (925)339-3780.    Our quality is always backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.   Availability of certain produce items may be interrupted due to weather conditions or seasonal availability.  Shorted items will be refunded within 24 hours after delivery, unless back-order is requested by text.  Because we are focused on packing and shipping out orders in the morning, we may not be able to pick up your phone calls in the morning.  Text message is the ideal  way to address your questions and concerns.  Furthermore, text message allows both parties to maintain a record of our conversations.  Since we start at Midnight, I will not be able to answer your text messages between 7pm to 1am.

Please use the message box at Check-out to share special delivery instructions or security gate codes. 


Order cut-off time

Please finalize your order by 6pm to ensure next delivery.   If you submit your order after 6pm, and you still want next delivery, that option is not available at check-out.  Please send a text message to Charlie to request next day delivery.  We can still send all the produce items, but grocery items have a firm 6pm cut-off time. 

Folsom and El Dorado Hills communities are Fridays ONLY.

Livermore communities are Fridays ONLY.

Pacifica communities are Saturdays ONLY

No delivery on Sundays.

Please feel free to text me (Charlie) 925-339-3780 if you have any questions or special request on your produce needs.

Delivery days